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Looking at the projects I have been involved in, I could name myself a developer, designer, project manager, product owner or entreprenour. That’s a mouthfull, so I’ll let you judge me instead. Have a look at a few projects I am currently working on. They have always been team efforts, but I am also proud to say I have always had a major role in all of them.


SymbolSource is a service that implements the srcsrv protocol, which allows Visual Studio and other compatible software to download on-demand symbol (PDB) and source files from a Web-based repository. With SymbolSource developers can source step during debugging into the code of third-party libraries. The services has been created out of a real need and is being maintained by developers for developers. It has been embraced by both NuGet and MyGet as the repository for pushing symbol packages.


Caliper is a software house specializing in developing custom .NET applications:

Our main area of expertise is custom web applications, which we develop using the .NET Framework, mostly with the MVC pattern. The rich ecosystem of .NET technologies and libraries enables us to effectively build robust standards-complaint solutions.

We have also experience in building applications based on the Drupal CMS and framework:

When requirements mainly cover various forms of content management, Drupal, the open-source CMS, web framework and a rich set of contributed modules, is often the best choice. We are equally skilled at configuring Drupal installations as extending them with our own code.


Mediporta develops, maintains and delivers software for healthcare facilities that allows businesses of various profiles and sizes to manage a wide range of activities involved in outpatient care. Mediporta offers innovative solutions in the areas of handling patient flow, electronic health records (EHR), managing commercial services and reporting to medical insurers. The software is provided both as a service and traditionally, on-premise.

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