Starting a personal blog

I will try to make this as short as possible, because the longer the introduction is, the smaller are the chances of me continuing to write. I already had a false start in blogging a few years ago, but since that time SymbolSource happened and forced me to write more systematically. The number of posts I’ve put on the project’s blog actually amazes me, I never expected to have written that much, even if some of those posts are more like tweets. Here they are for reference:

It’s been an amazing year and a half since February 2010, when we went live with SymbolSource: from having just a crazy idea about reverse engineering srcsrv to becoming a well-known member of the .NET community. I’ve highlighted those posts that are still relevant or that are important to us, historically.

The blog at SymbolSource will remain focused on the project, here I hope to publish some other interesting materials on .NET, that do not necessarily fit there. Or perhaps even some occasional off-topics.

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